James Spens, Jr. (Jacob) of Sweden (-1631)

James Spens, Junior, was the first son of James Spens and his wife Agnes Durie. It is not known when or where he was born (most likely in Scotland), but he certainly served in the Swedish army. He had two brothers, David and William, and three sisters, Cecilia, Isabella and one other. He also had two half brothers, Axel and Jacob. He was listed as a sergeant in Colonel Spens’ regiment in 1624. He was also authorised throughout 1623-1624 by the Scottish Privy Council to recruit and arm a 1,200 strong force of Scottish soldiers for Sweden and remained in England or Scotland for some time. It was apparently for this regiment that Chancellor Oxenstierna supplied wool shirts, socks, shoes and cloth to make coats out of in late 1625. He became an ensign with James Ramsay’s recruited regiment in 1628 and a lieutenant in 1629. There is a pass dated June 1628 for a lieutenant James Spens to travel to Britain to recruit more soldiers. He transferred to his father’s regiment in 1629 and later also served in George Crawford’s recruited infantry regiment at a time when Spens snr was on embassy in London and his son remained with the Spens Regiment. He died sometime in 1631.

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Service record:
Arrived 1623-01-01, as SERGEANT
Departed 1631-12-31, as LIEUTENANT
Capacity OFFICER, purpose MILITARY

Source: https://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/history/ssne/item.php?id=11