Axel Spens, L.B., of Sweden (1626-1661)

Axel Spens, L.B., was the son of James Spens of Wormiston and his second wife, Margaretta Forrat. He was born in 1626. At the age of 13 he matriculated at Uppsala University in 1639 with his little brother Jacob. The letters L.B. are printed after their names. In 1654 Spens became a cavalry officer with Hammarskjolds recruited dragoon regiment. He was promoted to major in 1656 but was captured in Poland and died that year. He married Sofia Rytter (Reuter) and they had three daughters, Cathrina Margareta, Sofia and Virginia. He also had a son, Jacob who became Count Spens. Sophia Spens was still known as his widow by 17 March 1661.

Sources: Riksarkivets ämnessamlingar. Personhistoria:

Correspondence from or about his widow Sophia is found in:

Correspondence signed by he, his brother Jacob and his step-father, Colonel Higo Hamilton is here:

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Service record:

Arrived 1639-01-01
Departed 1639-12-31
Capacity STUDENT, purpose ACADEMIC
Arrived 1654-01-01, as CAVALRY MASTER
Departed 1656-12-31, as MAJOR
Capacity OFFICER, purpose MILITARY