Thomas Spens (of Wormiston) – ca. 1621

In October 1621 a Thomas Spens was en route from Sweden to England as a servitor of Sir James Spens of Wormiston. As he was passing through the Netherlands Spens was given a letter to deliver from Axel Oxenstierna to Jan Rutgers, the Swedish resident in the Netherlands, to commend Rutgers for his outstanding service to King Gustav II Adolf.

From the accounts of James Spens we can establish that Thomas worked for him for a number of years.



Riksarkivets ämnessamlingar. Personhistoria

Rikskansleren Axel Oxenstiernas skrifter och brefvexling, first series, II, p.427.

Service record:

Arrived 1621-11-01
Departed 1625-09-06