French Royal Decree of Nobility

Certificate of the King of Arms Issued in 1787

Certificate of the King of Arms issued in 1787 certifying the noble ancestry of Patrick de Spens, Officer of the Royal Bodyguard, and among the 24 Scottish noble gentlemen sent by James II, King of Scotland to Charles VII, King of France in 1450.

This certificate dates back to the fifth great-grandfather, Henry de Spens, who signed in 1296 with other Scottish barons the peace treaty between Scotland and England, and attests that the family “of Spens” descended from a cadet of the ancient house of Counts of Fife.

Reverse of the certificate issued in 1787 by the King of Arms of Scotland (Lord Lyon King of Arms), certified and handed over by the first secretary of the “Foreign Office” of the Kingdom of England to the Ambassador of the King of France.

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