Spence of Berrihole

Spence of Berrihole / Berryhill

(near Abdie in Fifeshire)

Tenant of Berryhill, Abdie Parish, Fife

By: Michael T. Tracy, 2015

From before 1687 until after 1706, William Buist was the tenant of Berryhill in the Parish of Abdie, Fife. Originally known as Berriehoill and owned by the Benedictine Abbey of Lindores at Newburgh, until the 16th century, together with other nearby holdings such as Ormiston, Hattonhill and Lumquhat, it was one of the constituent units of the monks’ grange. In 1690 Berryhill was the property of Alexander Spens later called Spence whose wife Katherine Arnot, a member of a long established local Fife family with whom the Buists were linked over the years through blood and marriage.

Abdie Parish, Fife

Abdie Parish is in the District of Cupar, County of Fife, 2 ¼ miles from Newburgh, and includes the villages of Lindores and Grange of Lindores. The ancient name of the parish was Lindores, a place of great antiquity. The Church of Abdie was considered to have belonged to the Abbey of Lindores. Presently the old church, which is now in ruins, can be traced to the beginning of the fifteenth century.

Source: https://www.villagecrier.co.uk/Mike_Tracy/William%20Buist%20(1664-1730)%20A%20Fife%20Tenant%20Farmer%20of%20Berryhill,%20Abdie%20Parish,%20Fife.pdf